Discover Tree Climbing arose from the need for tree climbing experiences in the North of England. Co-director Neil was looking for somewhere to learn tree climbing but there was nowhere available locally, so after going further afield to learn the techniques, he is bringing it back home and making it available to you. Terry jumped at the chance to put his knowledge of trees and climbing techniques gained from years as an arborist to use in a socially conscious and exiting new way.

Meet The Team…

Neil has 25 years’ experience as a teacher, he has been running outdoor and environmental education events with the Wildlife Trust since 2010 and loves climbing trees in his spare time. He has climbed a giant red wood in California with Tree Climbing Planet. He lives with his 5  daughters, so the peace and quiet found in the canopy is a life-saver.

Co-director Terry has been working as an arborist since 2002 and has a passion for all things tree. His office space is the tree-tops of North West England and he would like nothing more than for you to share the experience of looking at the World from the crown of a tree. Terry has 4 children, and loves exploring the UK with his family.

What can you Expect?

On the day of the event, a new risk assessment will be carried out. The area around the tree will be cordoned off and signed. The climbing systems will be rigged and climbing equipment readied for the first climbers

We offer whole day sessions for small groups where you can really get to grips with climbing and gain a fuller appreciation of trees.

Or we offer shorter session for multiple climbers:

The technique

The Double Rope Technique is a safe method used by arborists and tree climbers the world over. Climbers wear a harness and are attached to a climbing line which is secured to a strong branch. Using a system of friction knots, the climber uses the power in their legs to propel themselves up the rope, and into the tree.


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