Below are a list of frequently asked questions:

  1. Does an adult need to climb with the child? A child above the age of six can climb without an adult. Our instructors are there to assist them. However adults are more than welcome to purchase a climbing slot and climb alongside their child and we love to see the whole family enjoying our tree adventure.
  2. How long does the climbing slot last? The session slot is 45 minutes, which includes time to get the safety equipment on and off.
  3. Can I cancel my booking? Please see terms and conditions for further details Terms and Conditions
  4. Do you accommodate for people with disabilities? We always endeavour to cater for everyone’s needs, so please give us a call to discuss any requirements.
  5. Can i take photographs? You are more than welcome to tak photographs of your own children at our events. Feel free to tag Discover Tree Climbing into your photos on Facebook.